5 Tips For Staying Safe While Zip Lining

Zip lining can be an incredibly fun way to get outside and see the local surroundings, as you are hanging by a cable and going over forests, rivers, and even canyons. However, there are a few things that you need to know in order to stay safe during your zip lining experience.

Pull Your Hair Back

Do you have long hair? You'll definitely want to pull your hair back so that it is completely out of the way. With the wind passing over you while going down the zip line, you want to avoid having your hair get caught and potentially pulled into the zip line mechanism. Just wearing a hat is not going to work, because that hat can easily blow off your head unexpectedly 

Wear The Right Shoes 

It's important that you wear tennis shoes for a couple of reasons. Tie-on shoes are going to stay on your feet the entire time that you are zip lining, so you won't run the risk of having them fall off in the middle of a run where you can't easily get your shoes back. In addition, it's good to have a shoe with some rubber tread on it when you are coming into the next platform, since it will give you some additional grip that you won't get with flip flops. 

Wear A Helmet

A helmet is going to be necessary because you don't know what will happen during your zip line adventure. It helps prevent your head from hitting the cable at high speeds, which will not be comfortable at all. You may also run into other people on the zip line that get stuck, and you can end up colliding with them. 

Always Clip In When Possible

There are going to be times when you are high up on platforms waiting for your turn to use the zip line. There will be spots where you can clip in and attach yourself to the platform so that you do not accidentally fall off it. Always make sure you use the opportunity to clip in when it is available since those anchor points are there to keep you safe for a good reason.

Always Wear Your Gloves

You'll be given gloves that you will use to prevent your hands from being damaged by the cable. You will want to always wear these gloves during each run. Not only does it help you grip the cable for braking, but it will prevent the urge to get out your smartphone and take pictures during a run.

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