3 Tips For Making Inflatables Safer For Children At Events And Parties

Inflatables from a company like Adventures In Climbing can bring so much fun to the children who are attending a party or event. The inflatable slides, bounce houses, and moonwalks provide different activities for the kids to enjoy, and allow them to burn off all that extra energy that all children seem to have. However, one very important thing to remember if you are hosting a party or event with inflatables is safety. Where large bouncing objects and children are involved, accidents can most definitely happen. This article will discuss 3 tips for making inflatables safer for children at events and parties. 

Sort The Children Into Age Groups For The Different Inflatables

Since older children are often times a bit more rough than younger children, it is a good idea to separate them on the inflatables. For example, you can start off by letting the younger children play in the bounce house and letting the older children play on the slide. Then, after a designated amount of time, you can have all of the children switch. This will allow all of the children to try each and every inflatable that you have, while allowing them to remain safe by playing with children in their own age group. 

Have At Least Two Adults Manning Each Inflatables 

Even with the children separated into their own age groups, accidents can still happen. However, if an adult is supervising they can stop some accidents from happening, and quickly intervene if one does happen. In order to make sure that the children have enough supervision, you should have at least two adults manning each inflatable. One adult can stand at the entrance and help children enter and exit the inflatable, and the other adult can simply be in charge of watching all of the children that are jumping, sliding, or moonwalking to ensure that no one gets hurt. 

Keep The Number Of Children On Each Float Limited To A Safe Amount 

When the children first see the inflatables, they will likely become so excited that they all run to them immediately. However, to ensure their safety, it is crucial that you only let a certain number of children on a float at a time. Only one child should slide down at a time, and only one or two children should be on the moonwalk, depending on if it is a double or single course. While 5ā€“10 children should be fine in the jump house, depending on the size of the jump house and the size of the children, you will want to monitor how they are jumping and playing, and choose a number that you feel is the safest.

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